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Dee D Somers ·
It’s great that you are inspiring people around the world
Henrii Ndagire ·
This so true..Stacey ur so amazing at what you do..my story is similar to this gentle man..I has the previlage to assist at one of the shoots at myhairdresser.com..the amount of hardwork is put in to produce these tutorial is a lot but its all done with passion..thank you so much for all the hardwork and dedication much appreciated..
Teo Tutulan ·
And the fella is not the only one. Personally, I know about a dozen of them using the website and learning from the best. When it comes to great names in hairdressing I always mention Stacey , he’s the best that I know, I only wish I could meet him one day ….
Nice one from a Fan, Arzoiu Andrei , thank you Arzoiu , happy to hear you are learning and enjoying.
Hello Stacey!!!! 2 years ago i was at a classic seminar. The teacher presented me the sasoon tehnique. It was something interesting because in Romania we didn’t know about it. After that i tried to imitate and to put in practice the teory but with no succes. I didn’t stop. I always belived that is something wrong with me.wrong position,body position and other factors. I’m a very ambitious person so if i want to do something i will succeed. So i tried and i tried until i found myhairdressers.com. I was very happy when i discovered the site. Your video is very detailed and provide so much information that helped me to understand the Sassoon filosophy. As other young hair stylists i dream to work for sassoon. I like to learn and i am very dedicated and very concentrated on detail and a good atitude. After i saw you how you work i declare myself your bigest fan. I apreciate your work and if i would have the oportunity to travell in London i would like to meet you. Thank you Stacey.
Hannah Louise Moxsom
Mr Stacey Broughton I love you! Thank you so much yet again! You frigin’ rock my world! (see… yet another sucky up fan too add to the mix Mr Dale Ted Watkins) Hope you guys enjoyed dinner!! xx



My name is Tammy and I live across the pond and have been watching some of your videos are not only are you
an artist extraordinaire, but a GENIUS in cutting hair. I simply can not find anyone to cut a simply but HOT bob style in my
hair. Can you PLEASE let me know of anyone here in the U.S. (The Washington, D.C. area) that can come even a wee bit close
to your sheer fabulousity in hair cutting. I do desperately want/need a hair cut.

Also, I have ethnic relaxed hair, so  just wanted to include that too. I’m sure you are super busy, but if you can please let me know if you recommend
someone in this area or I’m even willing to travel as far as New York as well.

Thanks so much in advance for your reply and thanks also for taking the time to read this too!

{{{{ Hugs }}}}

Tammy :o)


“This is so what I’ve been looking for. My clients are demanding and love new and beautiful hairstyles. Especially love the advanced hairdressing techniques Stacey Broughton does.” Maria (London, UK)


“Wow – Stacey I am so honored… I absolutely LOVE MyHairDressers.com. Keep up the fantastic work. I am so fortunate to learn from you and other masters of this wonderful profession.” Leslie (Arizona, USA)


“”Wow. There is no better feeling than being inspired man! Thanks once again to Stacey Broughton and MyHairDressers.com.” London Ross (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

  • Stacey, you’re awesome! I’m becoming the hairdresser that I am because of you on myhairdressers.com. Thank you! Can you please tell me what brand of shears you prefer? Thank you again.

    Heather Chapman

Sara Antoniades

  • Stacey two weeks ago I gave my team MY top ten iconic hairdressers to research and then present back to me, they had had two weeks in which to do so. You were alongside Tim at the very top of my list and interestingly it was my youngest assistant that chose you as her icon to present. She did so so well and I ordered if you would write a few words of encouragement to her as she enters into her hairdressing journey. . She managed to get so much info on you and some fab images that wowed the rest of our team, let alone her. If you would reply that would be so cool
    Sara antoniades

  • Hey Stacey! First of all i want to say thank you for your great work and motivation,you are my real life hero! . I just watched the last video headblock on myhairdressers.com and i see that you use kasho milenium at cutting,what would you say about that scissor? I must tell you i have ordered very expensive scissors for the past 2 years, last being kamisori emerald and totally bad for cutting,as the tip would feel like breaking the hair instead of smooth cut. I would really apreciate your opinion regarding this. I’am literally scared of ordering any other scissor. My greatest respect for you and my hope is to one day meet you in person. Albert Vicol.

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