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Stacey Broughton’s visual styling ideas played an imperative role in creating the unique Vidal Sassoon ‘look’ adopting his strong, influential role in the direction of their seasonal collections.

As Senior Art Director for the Vidal Sassoon Academy he was a pioneer and an ambassador for the company and initiated the Video/DVD market in hairdressing education as an accomplished Director and Editor of the Vidal Sassoon photographic and video collections. 

One of the most respected educators in the industry Stacey has trained the likes of Takka, Lisa Shepperd and recent British Hairdresser of the year Akin Konzi, to name a few, as well as working on numerous television productions with Mark Hayes, Annie Humphries and Tim Hartley.


Stacey Broughton joined Vidal Sassoon in 1974 as an assistant. Starting his career in the Leeds based salon, Stacey was always wholly dedicated to training. Upon qualifying as a stylist in 1976, he enthusiastically began training the new assistants.

One of Stacey’s main strengths is his patience and creating new and exciting shapes with his scissors. Fellow stylists within the salon started paying attention to Stacey’s passion for creativity and the goal of perfection in his work.   

Within four years he had been made Art Director.

During this time Stacey started travelling and working with other Creative Directors, in countries such as Japan. In his own words, Stacey revelled in the opportunity of “seeing the world, doing what I love and being paid for the pleasure to do so”.

He was extensively involved with Vidal Sassoon’s new collections in the UK and began to develop new cutting ideas and techniques. His first ever photo appeared in a leading magazine. Even in his early days Stacey had a natural flare for ingenuity and creativity, as well as a passion for great education. He assisted in the opening of a hair training academy in Hong Kong, travelled all over Australia and Asia, and hosted endless amounts of shows and seminars. He then moved back to England.

Stacey’s next business pursuit was to open a salon, which he and his partner successfully achieved in Newcastle, in the north of England. They remained here for three years and then moved to London, re-joining the Vidal Sassoon team, working in the Vidal Sassoon South Molton Street salon as a stylist, and shortly after Stacey were promoted to the Creative Director. But Stacey’s yearning to teach and be creative was still his main objective.

Shortly after joining he was assigned the task of managing the staff training (before an assistant/varderer becomes a stylist) Stacey moved between the salon and staff training until eventually Vidal Sassoons opened the Advanced Academy on Grovesner Street London.
This was the beginning of Stacey’s career as a full time educator. He was supported by the team around him, fellow Art directors and Managers to assist him in reaching his full potential, developing new ideas and techniques, and becoming a pioneer and an ambassador for the company.

His inspirational ideas saw him travelling all around the world. Whilst not developing his skills, ideals and career he developed the success and reputation of Vidal Sassoons.

Stacey has a shrewd eye for business developments and therefore began initiating the video/dvd market in hairdressing education, resulting as an accomplished Director and Editor of the Vidal Sassoons collections. Stacey’s visual styling ideas played an imperative role in creating the unique Vidal Sassoon ‘look’ adopting his strong, influential role in the direction of their seasonal collections. He also creatively designed Vidal Sassoon shoots, shows and seminars around the world.

Now Stacey is fulfilling his dream with Myhairdressers.com. Stacey works with the team to produce online hairdressing education that is inspirational, and affordable to all levels of stylists on a global scale. He is forging fresh paths in his own creativity whilst sharing his love and passion for education. Stacey’s role at Myhairdressers.com is diverse, but his focus is to lead the way for the company online, and at international events, workshops and personal coaching days. Thanks to the vast improvement in technology hairdressers can now have access to Stacey’s work on the internet.

This is a huge project for Stacey and the team to take hold of, but it is now revolutionizing the industry.

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