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Stacey Broughton’s salon creative haircut is a graduated shape with an asymmetric weave cut top to enhance and promote texture and curl. Stacey starts on the right hand side, using a vertical section and cutting a square graduated shape. On the left right hand side; he takes a slight diagonal section cutting a round shape  following the head. These areas support the asymmetry of the top sections.The largest section on the right hand side is weave cut using horizontal sections, measured to the graduated point, cutting small pieces of hair alternating with left out lengths.
In the final section Stacey assesses weight and movement, choosing to remove weight which allows the hair to swing over to the right-hand side and achieve an asymmetric ensemble that juxtaposes a head-hugging rounded shape against the angular graduation, throwing emphasis onto the flow and texture of the translucent longer tendrils.






Stacey Broughton’s salon creative tutorial is an in-depth return to the innovative disconnected layered shape on textured hair, originally devised for his Scissorboy video.Initially section from the temple lobe area on both sides and move around the porietal ridge and back down to a point where the head rounds below the crown and above the occipital bone. Then zig zag section the fringe area. Begin in the centre back from the point to the nape, elevate and cut from shorter to longer to maintain length and weight around the perimeter outline. This is worked on both sides moving toward the front with varying degrees of elevation with disconnection in the sides.In the central section cut a line from short in the front to long in the back, then a parallel section cut from short to long working from back to front in an opposite manner. This technique creates a loose broken fringe shape.

The top section is then connected in the crown area which is disconnected from the side section, to create the final result of a luxurious, loose, romantic, quintessentially feminine look resonating of casual street chic with home done undertones.






Stacey Broughton’s salon creative haircut incorporates two tiers—first, the nape and outline area in the sides are layered shorter to maintain weight throughout the outline which seamlessly supports the second tier of disconnected crown and internal shape in the top.
The result is a beautifully crafted layered bob.






Stacey Broughton’s salon creative haircut is a short graduated crop full of technique, discipline and a well worked disconnected L-shaped panel. The end result is a short and elegant, weightless graduated shape with a versatile sweeping fringe. This is a truly beautiful and versatile cut, that can be dressed up, down and all around.







Stacey Broughton’s salon creative haircut is a pure and simple, layered commercial shape contrasting romantic lengths, with a defining fringe.







Stacey Broughton’s salon creative haircut is salon friendly yet infused with creative twists, shiny and fresh. This is a perfectly tailored shape demonstrating method, accuracy and excellence.






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