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Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut is a freehand cut with a technical approach. Stacey begins with vertical sections and a slicing technique, leaving out the lengths of hair below an imaginary line on both sides. This area will vary depending on hairline density and texture.

He pulls the hair out to 90 degrees but slightly over-directs the top of the section. He uses open blades and slices with a scooping motion to his imagined line. Please note this line is judged by the weight and length of hair left in the hands and is very much a visual technique worked on both sides and the back area, with the crown point cut against the shape of the head. Stacey  visually refines his connection and outline using the edge of the clippers and light blending motions throughout the back. In the top section, Stacey takes a vertical section from the point of the crown to the front hairline, elevates the hair to 90 degrees and cuts a layered square line to the head shape.

The final result is a blend of extreme dimension and geometry with a soft veil of longer lengths for an advanced salon look.




Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative incorporates a combination of long layers, long lengths, a fringe and disconnected bands in the underneath. The haircut begins in the right-hand side front section, then the second section on the left-hand side front area. These areas create the disconnected panel to flatten and slim the silhouette.In the back left hand section Stacey works with a diagonal section, cutting a one-length perimeter shape. The top section starts on the corner of the right hand side where a square line from just above the cheek running to mid ear is cut, then continues from the initial corner with a low asymmetric fringe. This runs down to the bottom of the opposite ear then around over the falling shape.The final section has pivoting sections to create a layered shape and produce a complex ensemble of disparate lengths, clean and diffused lines, graduation, disconnection and asymmetry. The result is an intricate balance between tailoring and diffusion offering optional texture and is a salute to the beret.



Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut is his tribute to Vidal Sassoon and an interpretation of the iconic 5-point haircut. For his version, Stacey begins with vertical graduation tailored into the side areas. Choosing to balance both sides with this shape allows more control over the internal shape and creates the guide into the fringe and back area. Stacey carves the shape into the nape area ensuring the beauty of the head shape is controlled using the guides and the technique from the sides.Closely following one side of the crown area to fit the head shape first, allows the shape of disconnection in the top area to move over the shape which will build and fit the graceful movement in the crown area. The front disconnected area is finally blended with the fringe, to create this dynamic interpretation, as relevant now as it was in the 1960s, a timeless iconic formula of balance and shape.



Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut, The Wrap is a radical and progressive shape for the more confident and experienced student, bringing together a variety of techniques and disciplines to create a truly unique and inspirational haircut. Stacey visualized a shape in which the hair wraps around to one side and gives the illusion of being pinned. To achieve this he uses the combination of a graduated line in the fringe moving over an undercut section; with the fall of the disconnected area in the back worked into a one-length stepped edge. The result a multifaceted balance of shape and line.



Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut is a short concave shape incorporating steep graduation, scissor and clipper-over-comb and an inward curve in the parting and crown. The result is a steep, head-hugging, graduated shape supporting a complex array of concave and triangular shapes to create an elegant organic movement through the top.

Video coming soon



Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut is a 3-levelled cut infused with technical layering, loose disconnection and strong outlines. Inspired by 1920’s screen icon Louise Brookes.



Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut is a sweet modernist carved shape with understated outlines, tributing 60’s subculture.



Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut is an updated tribute to the box bob, classically couture with a drop tail bringing a trait of glamour.




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