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Stacey Broughton

In – Salon Education

Every year thousands of hairdressers travel to Schools across the World to improve technique and knowledge. Stacey Broughton gives you the option to bring tailor made education to all your team in the comfort of your own salon, while giving you a realistic situation to your every day work. By working on models or mannequin heads, your teams motivation and inspiration will be improved.

Why would this work for you

Sharing information is the fastest way to develop, sharing with your staff is one of the fastest way to grow. In – Salon gives you the chance to evolve a personal education system suited to you and your teams needs, helping you to focus on the progress of each individual. Stacey will show you how to get the best out of your team by showing you how to use Myhairdressers as an education tool and system. Clients can benefit from this as using Myhairdressers as a look book. Stacey has all the inside knowledge on how to use Myhairdressers.

These opportunities can be shared with other stylists from outside your salon, bringing down your costs and developing your name in the local hairdressing industry.

Education is an exciting and rewarding way to drive your business forward.


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