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This course is at the heart of Stacey,s skill base, offering you the ability to create a strong foundation. Stacey can provide you with the base to have a successful development of a training program in hair education, that you can impliment into your salon team. You will experience, in-depth demonstrations from Stacey. Hands on workshops developed to teach you the method of how you create shape, and form.
This can take place over 1 or 2 days.

Example 1

1 Day Course  

Option 1a

AM : Demonstration on 2 live models by Stacey ( client to provide models )
PM : Workshop on live models  ( maximum 8 students )

Option 2a

As Above , but work shop on Head Blocks ( maximum 12 students )

Option 3a

AM : Workshop on head blocks, long look ( max 12 students )
PM : Workshop on head blocks, Short look ( max 12 students )
With the workshop,s on head blocks, Stacey will show you how to use the step by step proses
to get the most out of your team.

Team needs to have minimum of 1 year cutting experience .

Example 2

2 Day Course

This course takes place over 2 days
Straight into the action with workshops

On each day the team will do 2 looks , guided by Stacey

Total number of looks over 2 days,  4

This is a great course covering many of the foundation skills needed to motivate and strengthen your teams work and focus.
It will encourage discipline and motivation to perfection of technique
2 Days of technique and fun .

Team needs to have minimum of 1 year cutting experience .

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